Family Farm by Rob Macinnis

Family Farm by Rob MacInnis – Creative Spark…

I have never before seen images that made animals look so personal and realistic until I looked at Rob MacInnis work (View Work). The way he captured those portraits of animals together was so creative. Something that I usually like to ask myself whenever I research an artist, what can I take away or learn from them? With Rob MacInnis it was not hard to do. What I can learn from him is the way he uses what I call a “creative spark”. It is difficult to come up with a new design. Moreover, it even harder to create something fresh, and yet likeable or attractive. So what’s the secret of coming up with something attractive, creative, and yet never done before? Well, I believe it is an inner spark that a design gets from time to time. It is a feeling or thought one needs to be aware of, and yet let it flow freely. If we could manage to be attentive to those “creative sparks” and realize what triggered it, we could constantly ignite that spark and give it what it needs in order to become a flame. For example, some people recieve that creative spark when they read a book, watch a movie, or stand in line at the coffee shop before rushing off to work. We have got to be aware of those moments, and keep having them and using them to our advantage. I honestly believe that it is that so called secret which makes certain individuals create amazing work. Again, be aware of it and do not let it go out.

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